After over forty years as an employee to someone, I figure I can call myself an expert on the subject. I’ve been promoted. I’ve been fired. I’ve experienced what a former supervisor can do to keep me from getting a job– but I’ll save that for a future blog. I’ve worked in several industries from fast-food burgers to healthcare. I am an avid purchaser of goods and services so I’ve dealt with employees from the consumer’s viewpoint.

About two years ago I decided to write a book. My first. I enjoy writing, but I’m too technical and too analytical to get far with fiction. Write what you know, right? So, this idea came up: Stuck in a Paradigm: What’s Wrong with Corporate America From an Employee’s Perspective. Why have I not heard about books on the topic? Everything’s about Corporate self help, not employees. Well, I have a wealth of stories and opinions to tell and why Corporate America has it wrong. But, alas, no time to write the book. I’ve been inundated with unpaid overtime. Thus, my blog.

I welcome your stories. But understand, no foul language and no trolling. This blog is a monarchy and I will have the last say about whether you post or not. Some points may be political with discussions about current state and federal laws as well as the justice system. I don’t expect everyone to agree and likewise you probably won’t change my mind. So don’t bother. I’ve had over forty adult years to acquire my opinions.

I’m going to remain anonymous because I’m still in the workforce and I can only assume this blog is going to trigger some hot buttons. At least until I retire.

Sign me,

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